BKC Essex

Second stop of the British Kitesurfing Championships was held in sunny Southend in Essex! Once again, there was a great turn out with around 50 competitors all ready to give it their all! The sun beaming, slightly offshore wind and low tide approaching, it meant we could still get out and use the wind we […]

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Sensi Graves Bikinis

Sensi Graves Bikinis is a fast growing, popular bikini brand due to their eye-catching designs and firm hold on the water. Water enthusiast, Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder so knows better than most the importance of having a bikini that stays so you can wave goodbye to those oops moments. Sensi doesn’t tackle this […]

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Guilla Brazil

Guilla Brazil, based and produced in Brazil, produces some of the most vibrant, colourful surf suits on the market! Not only do they have a great range of different prints and patterns, they also have a great range of cuts to suit every shape and size. And even better, Guilla Brazil also have a matching […]

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