• Georgina Monti | Bikini Empire Review
  • Georgina Monti | Bikini Empire Review
  • Georgina Monti | Bikini Empire Bikini Review

Bikini Empire are back with another jaw dropping collection…say hello to SS16. For those of you that haven’t heard of Bikini Empire before, it is run by two sisters who are total fashionista beach babe surf divas from Vancouver. They strive to produce ethical swimwear that looks and feels great, but also stays on in the surf. Bikini Empire produce their entire collection in Vancouver, Canada, in a factory with well paid and talented seamstresses. They often make unscheduled drop ins to the factory so they know working conditions are up to standard. Not only are they ethically aware, but also environmentally savvy by keeping everything close to home.

Bikini Empire have never failed to impress me, and the Railroad Top and Barely There Thong wasn’t about to change that. The quality of the material and stitching is incredible. You can see the time and effort put into this bikini and it definitely shows when on. The Railroad Top looks gorgeous on with the caged band accentuating your figure and also stops the top from rising up. The cut of the top shows off your lady lumps whilst keeping them firmly in place! The Barely There Thong sits hugs the hips and the soft material sticks when wet, keeping everything where it should be!

I’ve kited in this bikini a lot on both a surfboard, and doing freestyle and I take some pretty heavy wipeouts on both. I was so impressed with this bikini and every time I did the “nip slip” check, everything was exactly where it should be. I feel so comfortable kiting in this bikini knowing that I’m not going to fall out or lose my bottoms. I love the cut and the fit and also wear it off the water when I’m chilling, doing yoga or even as part of an outfit.

Vote with your dollar! Knowing my bikini is ethically and environmentally made makes it feel all the much sweeter (and it’s another pro to add when explaining to the other half why you needed another bikini). The new Bikini Empire range is gorgeous and there is truly something for everyone from cheeky to full coverage and everything in between. They have made another gorgeous range that is practical, stylish, environmental and ethical. What more could you want!