Da Costa Jewelry ♥

Da Costa Jewelry, owned by beach babe Teresa, is made with luxury handmade leather and natural vibrant stones which add that touch of class and style to any outfit. Teresa has a great eye for choosing the perfect colours and stones to compliment eachother and with a wide range, you’ll definitely find the perfect combination for you!

The reason why I’ve made them a fashion essential is because not only do they look amazing on land, they also look awesome on the water too! I kitesurf in mine quite a bit and they still look brand new! All the bracelets have 3 adjustment loops making them adjustable, so you can tighten them up before you head out on the water with a strong and secure fastening. Another reason, amgonst many, why I love these bracelets is that each bracelet focusses on the positive energy drawn from the natural stones. For example, my Coral Wrap encourages passion, and my Amazonite and Turquoise Magnesite brings wisdom and courage.

Da Costa doesn’t just stop at bracelets, oh no! The single wrap bracelet can also be worn as an anklet. The triple wrap bracelet can be worn as an anklet or headband. And the five wrap bracelet can be worn as a necklace or belt! They also have a Stone Tassel Necklace range which is absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth checking out!

Hope you enjoyed my fashion essential for June, and stay tuned for next month!

Dont forget, for free shipping use the code: GEORGINA