Master Of The Ocean, the ‘Iron man’ of watersports, once more brought athletes from all over the world together for the 12th year running. It was a privilege and absolute pleasure to witness such a thoroughly organised and well-run event where athletes compete in windsurfing, kite surfing, SUP surfing and surfing. The extremely skilled men and women were an inspiration to watch, even drawing in some passing Humpback Whales. Master Of The Ocean also provides a team competition and expression session to showcase the up and coming talent and future masters of the ocean, making this event accessible to anyone.


I was fortunate enough to compete in the female kitesurf expression session on the final day. The wind quickly picked up and I was riding powered on my 7m Cabrinha Chaos. The expression session meant that only one trick counted, so the highest scored trick would win in a 20-minute heat as there were only 3 of us. Bianca Forzano, Suami Cavallo and I group hugged before we launched our kites and were on our way. The flag went up, and we were off. I felt no pressure at all, I was riding with my friends, smiling, high- fiving, throwing some tricks in between, it felt like a normal kite session. Photographers on the beach and in the water with their lenses pointed at us was great encouragement to go big and the spectators did an incredible job of cheering us on too.


After what seemed like the quickest 20 minutes of my life had passed, we all had another team hug and got ready for the prize giving. I could start to feel the butterflies in my stomach as none of us knew who had won. We were all called up and stood nervously waiting to hear the winners name…Georgina Monti. I was so stoked! JJ Walsh, the raddest commentator ever, was quick to ask how I was feeling. Being pretty speechless, and having no kind of speech prepared, I replied, “So awesome, I’ve got some rent coming up, thank you so much to everyone”. Moral of the story is to always prepare a speech, even when you think you haven’t won, just incase.


A huge thank you to all the organisers, judges, photographers, sponsors, athletes and spectators for making this such a special event surrounded with such good vibes. Congratulations to Fiona Wylde in 3rd, Samuel Perez Hults in 2nd and Zane Schweitzer in 1st. It was incredible to watch the true Masters Of The Ocean and I can’t wait until next year.