British Kitesurfing Championships- Hunstanton Finals

Wow, what a year! The finals of the British Kitesurfing Championships were held in Hunstanton where the British Champions would be determined. We arrived Friday evening in time for the BKSA AGM and registration. With the knowledge of riders briefing at 7am the next morning, everyone had an early night in preparation for the small window of wind the next day.

With coffees at the ready, we all headed down to Heacham for the 7am breifing with a first possible start of 7:30. In order to get through the heats in a speedy fashion, the organisers decided to run a round of pro men and then a round of pro women to make sure everyone got a break inbetween heats.

First up was pro men who never fail to put on a good show and depsite the chop, the guys were going huge! Sean, Oli, George and Rich all won their heats and sailed straight through to the semi finals.

Next was the round 1 of pro women. My new relaxed attitude helped me to win my heat and join Sukie and Rosanna in the semi finals.

The marshals did a great job of keeping us all on time for our heats helping it all run smoothly and before we knew it, the finals were upon us! Rich, Craig, Sean and Sukie, Danni and Rosanna all fought their way to the finals to battle it out for British Champion!

As someone pulled the plug on our tide leaving us with an inch of water, the decision was made to head back round to Hunstanton. However, the wind didn’t play ball, not even for the mega kites. The event was called for the day meaning we could all chillax and even the sun came out to join us!

The prize giving was a rush of excitement with the Champion titles looming. As the masters, amateurs and juniors didn’t get to compete, all the prizes were raffled. Some people won t shirts and others won footstaps and even a Slingshot Sam Light signature board handed out by the man himself! Everyone won a prize and it was awesome to see everyones faces beaming! A huge congratulations to all the champions, and everyone who took part!

I’m super stoked to take 5th in the Pro Women’s for the year as I feel my competitive riding has really improved. I feel so much more relaxed and the result is my tricks are a lot cleaner and I can plan my heat a lot better. A huge thank you to the judges Ali, Lewis and Robin, to the organisers, Rou, Jim, Mary, Danni and Alex, to the beach marshals who without we would never be on time to our heats, and to all the clubs, spectators and sponsors for their incredible support. I hope everyone has an awesome winter and I can’t wait for next year!!!

Pro Men

  1. Richard Flindall
  2. Sean Murphy
  3. Craig Smith

Men’s Pro Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Sean Murphy
  2. Richard Flindall
  3. Oli Sweeney

Women’s Pro Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Rosanna Jury
  2. Danielle Durrant
  3. Sukie Robertson

Master’s Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Kevin Matthey
  2. Pete Jones
  3. Cedric Bontemps

Pro Women

  1. Rosanna Jury
  2. Sukie Robertson
  3. Danielle Durrant

Men’s Amateur Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Dan Turner
  2. Richard Wise
  3. Andrew McMillian

Women’s Amateur Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Lucie Turner
  2. Kate Ross
  3. Sarah Barkway

Junior’s Overall 2015 Champion

  1. Harry Way
  2. Cameron Auld
  3. Jack Gardiner