Nalu Tribe

‘Nalu’ means wave in Hawaiian and being tribe implies that we are all one. Nalu Tribe, created by Tanya Brown, is a combination of her two passions, design and activewear. Having grown up her whole life by the beach, she has salt water in her veins. Her love for the beach and coastal life style is displayed throughout her entire range. Nalu Tribe already has an incredible range including bikinis, rash guards, leggings, phone cases, prints and fabrics and is looking to expand to surf suits also. Mega exciting!!!

I was lucky enough to get hold of the Kiana and Wave Rider leggings, Bermuda Triangle rash guard and the Lost Jungle Style bikini. Nalu tribe has an impressive range of bright, vibrant and tropical prints. I adore the colours she uses and I’m always getting compliments about my leggings.

I pretty much live in my Nalu Tribe leggings now. They are ideal for everything from kitesurfing, surfing, SUPing, yoga, running, biking, gyming and even just to wear day to day. Even after all the wear, my leggings still look and feel brand new as they are made from ultra stretch PolySpandex blend fabric that doesn’t lose shape even after multiple wearings. This fabric is manufactured, printed and sewn by hand in Montreal Canada. The vivid print hasn’t faded at all despite being in the sea, sun and washing machine which I’m extremely impressed about. I love wearing these leggings everywhere, the fabric sits softly on the skin and they have a thick waistband making them amazingly comfortable and helping them stay in place.

These leggings are amazeballs and would recommend them to everyone wherever you are in the world. The leggings are surprisingly thick and I’ve even managed to kitesurf in them in the cold winds of England and they were awesome. In warmer climates, these leggings are great for protecting your skin from the sun and keeping you safe from that oh so sore sunburn! On and off the water, they make me feel like a total diva mermaid and that’s why they’re a must have!

So we have the stylish sun protection sorted for our bottom half, but what about our top? Once again, Nalu Tribe has got us covered with uniquely patterned rash guards. With four way stretch, solid colour long sleeves and UPF 30-50, there’s no better way to stay stylish, sun safe and active. The fabric is incredibly soft and thanks to its flexibility, it doesn’t restrict any movement no matter what activity you’re up to!

I love this rash guard, it’s super comfy, super cute and ideal to pull on at the beach on and off the water. It has a flattering cut and fit and hasn’t faded or stretched at all!  Especially with my kiting, I found it’s four way stretch helped me to stay mobile meaning I could move freely as I could if I wasn’t wearing anything! Love it!

Nalu Tribe brings all of us water women together thanks to Tanya, who is the real life superwoman for sure!

Nalu Tribe bikini review coming soon…