Purusha People Mermaid One Piece

Purusha People was founded in 2009 by Hayley Elliott. Purusha People believe that what you wear next to your skin is sacred, and the process of how it’s made is a ritual of art and creativity that transfers directly to the you. They take pride in sourcing the most organic and softest fibers possible, using non-toxic water based inks and low impact dyes, and paying workers a livable wage locally in Los Angeles. They’re endlessly inspired by natural beauty, kindness, and devotion to truth. Purusha People have an amazing range of leggings, yoveralls, clothing and even leggings for bubbas!

I love my mermaid one piece! It is handmade with such precision, every scale matches up on the seams and the material is so soft and comfortable. If I don’t feel like just wearing the entire suit, I can pull a shirt over the top so it looks like leggings! The entire Purusha People range is beautiful and has something for everyone!