Designed for women with active lifestyles both in and out of the water, Dkoko Bikinis combine comfort and fashion to celebrate the beauty of the female body. Owner Michelle, discovered her love for the ocean from a young age, her creative spirit led her to a degree in fashion design. After being left unimpressed with the bikinis available at the time she was surfing, she decided to make her own! Dkoko has moulded into an exciting lifestyle brand with tropical soul, inspired by the beauty of nature, celebrating the simple details of life and a true passion which can be seen throughout the range.

Quality bikini tops that stay and suit all bust sizes can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack but Dkoko provides just that. With a wide range of cuts and prints, there is something suited for every activity and bust size. The underwater surf bikini top and sexy surf bikini top both withstood some heavy wipeouts whilst kiting, surfing and playing in the shorebreak and stayed in place every time. The ultra soft gel lining makes them feel like a second skin and allows them to stick when wet! Both with a wide elastic band below the bust, this keeps the top and everything exactly where it should be. The underwater surf bikini top is fully adjustable with its tie cross back, keeping the pressure off the neck, but also makes it feel secure. The sexy surf bikini top follows the sports bra design with a solid top and elegant cross back detail. This top isn’t adjustable the cut and shape means it feels secure and stays in place.

Dkoko bottoms are some of the most secure bottoms I’ve ever surfed in. With a tie string at the hip, these bottoms stay on in any size swell. The mermaid ruffle bikini bottom is gorgeous and looks incredibly flattering on and the sexy surf bottom looks super cute with an extra bow tie at the back to tighten and make your booty look incredible! Both of these bottoms stay on incredibly well and I was so impressed! I never have to worry about losing my bottoms in big surf again!